Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday / Fearless Females: Moore Girls, ABT 1929

Nancy Flora "Nannie" Jones Moore (1882-1969, seated) and the four youngest of her five daughters, from left to right:  Beulah Mabel "Mabel" Moore (1910-1932), Audie Ruth Moore Cook (1911-1969), Ruby Clayton Moore Albillar (1908-1967), and Breathless' mother, Jewel Moore Gresham (1914-1994).  This photo was taken the same day as another photo of just the four daughters.

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  1. I love this photo! Looks like they were perfecting their curling iron style.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Heather! Jewel, at least, had curly hair all her life - I think hers was natural.