Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday: Angel, St. Mary's Cemetery, Bremond, Texas, April 2012

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Those Places Thursday: Two More Homes Designed by Ewald T. Pape

A recent e-mail from a reader of this blog had me looking at more of the work of my architect relative Ewald Theodore Pape (1894-1976) in Portland, Oregon.  Portland did a Historic Resources Inventory in 1984, which lists thirteen properties designed by Pape.  I've written about some of the apartment buildings, former hotel, and houses he designed before, but here are two more from the inventory that I am able to illustrate thanks to Bill Natkin, who operates the HistoricHomes - Portland website, who graciously gave me permission to use these photographs:
257 SW Marconi Ave., by Bill Natkin, © 2007, from  HistoricHomes - Portland.com, used with permission
The house pictured in the photo above is at 257 SW Marconi Avenue in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland, and overlooks the beautiful Washington Park.  Built in 1927, this 2,651 square foot Mediterranean-style house has three bedrooms and three baths, and last sold for $639,050 in November 2000. It was once owned by Thomas R. Mahoney, an Oregon State Senator in the 1940s.  Some of its architectural features include clay tile hip, gable, and pent roofs: a tower; a balconet; and stuccoed walls.  An evening view of the home is here (or here).

The house pictured below is at 3615 E. Burnside Street in the Laurelhurst neighborhood.  This large English Cottage Revival style house was built in 1926, and features a steeply pitched hip roof with curvilinear gables forming hoods over the windows, and leaded glass in some of those.  It has four bedrooms, three-plus bathrooms, is 4,731 square feet, and last sold for $625,000 in February 2012.

Laurelhurst Historic English Cottage, © Bill Natkin,  from  HistoricHomes - Portland.com, used with permission

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sibling Saturday: Happy 85th Birthday to My Aunt!

Jo Ann (Sister Jean Marie) Guokas sometime in the 1930s.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past: Happy 61st Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Mom & Dad (Fred & Gerrie Guokas Pape) leaving their wedding reception at the Milford House in Houston, Texas.  The photo is by Kaye Marvins.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Military Monday: Battle Order for the Night of 8 February 1953

About a month ago, I received the following e-mail:

Thank you for posting the Korean War photos of your Dad, 1st Lt. Fred Pape! My Dad flew B-26s in that same squadron, 1952-53. But he did not take any photos. Today, I Googled "37th Bomb Squadron The Royal Bengals" and discovered your photos, as well as additional information, photos, etc. 
Dad also flew B-25s in WWII and did take some photos then, I'm constructing a family history for my sons and wanted to include a section about Dad's Korean War service. 
Best Regards, Carl Lindberg Jr.

While I didn't have any photos where a Lindberg was named, and Dad did not recognize the name, I did look among the papers Dad had saved from his military service and found this battle order for the night of 8 February 1953 (click on the photo to enlarge it):

My dad and his usual pilot, Milton Royles, were listed first in the battle order (enlargement below).  But fifth on the list was a Lindberg:

Milt and Dad also served as head of night operations and duty officer the following evening:

I sent a scan of the battle order to Carl Lindberg Jr. and received this reply:
Thank you!  My sisters and I really appreciate your extra efforts to search for a mention of our Dad. I can state that that "Lindberg" is our father.  I have one other bit of information that names Airman Vandevroon as Dad's gunner!
...In history, the artifacts and records developed by Korean vets is much lower that those of similar experience from WWII.  If you are interested, you can check out Dad's WWII B-25 outfit displayed in a website built by on of the son of one member. This link begins with my father's info, and it is possible to explore further into the website. See it at:  http://www.warwingsart.com/12thAirForce/lindberg.html

Carl kindly agreed to let me post this picture of his father from the website:

"This is B-25J pilot and flight leader Carl Lindberg in his main aircraft- Panchito." - photo courtesy Carl Lindberg Jr.

I encourage you to visit the site linked above, as there are other interesting photos from Lindberg's World War II service, as well as a link to his obituary.

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