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Those Places Thursday: St Andrews Hotel / Regency Apartments, Portland, Oregon: Another Ewald T. Pape Design

The Regency Apartments [May 25, 2012] / Aidan Wakely-Mulroney / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
What is today's (since at least August 1977) Regency Apartments at Broadway and Columbia Streets in downtown Portland, Oregon, was originally the St. Andrews Hotel, built in 1926.  The articles below, from the October 10, 1926 (at left),  and November 14, 1926 (at right), Portland Oregonian, detail the progress on the construction of the five-story residential hotel.  Note that the last sentence of each article states that the plans were designed by E. T. (Ewald Theodore) Pape, my noted architect relative.

The earliest photograph I could find of the hotel was from August 3, 1947, when it was nearing the end of its life as the St. Andrews.  In July and August of 1949, it quietly became the Hungerford Hotel.

Hungerford Hotel (formerly St. Andrews), Portland, Oregon, 1962 postcard

The hotel was operated by the Hungerford family (which also had a hotel by the same name in Seattle) through the 1950s.  In 1963, it was sold twice.  It retained the Hungerford name for a while, but by December 1966, it had become the Highlander Inn Motor Hotel, and was placed in receivership.  By August 1977, it had become the Regency Apartments.

I found information about the hotel's history thanks to my subscription to GenealogyBank, which includes a number of historic newspapers, such as the Portland Oregonian.

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