Thursday, March 14, 2013

Those Places Thursday: Büren, Germany

Gebr. Pape Buchdruckerei
             Mauritzgymnasium                                                                   * Gebr. Pape Buchhandlung


On Sunday, March 10, I mentioned that I have kin in Büren, Germany.  Büren is a small town in the district of Paderborn, in North Rhine-Westphalia.  Above is an aerial view taken in the 1970s.  The red arrow points to the Pape Brothers Printing (Gebr. Pape Buchdruckerei) building.  Below is owner Karl-Heinz Pape (1925-1992), my second cousin once removed, in front of it on April 9, 1982 (and yes, it's snowing):

The green arrow in the aerial view points to the Pape family home and bookstore.  It is right off the central marketplace (Marktplatz - here's a live webcam) and main street (Burgstrasse).  You can see it at the left in the picture below, also taken in the 1970s:

And a close-up of the house and bookstore, that I took in April 1982:

The entrance to the family home (which is above the bookstore) is at left in the photo above, and the address is Kapellenstrasse 9.   Below, the Pape family is standing in front of the Gebr. Pape Bookstore (Buchhandlung; Buchbinderei is bookbinding, Burobedarf is stationery), at the corner of Kapellenstrasse and Burgstrasse.  The store is still there today.

This photo was taken in June 1978, when my high school friend Audrey visited my kin.  From left are Karl-Heinz, his son Eberhard, daughter Ulrike, wife Lucia, and son Reinhard.  Son Wolfgang is missing.  Eberhard now runs the print shop.

The blue arrow in the aerial view points to the Mauritzgymnasium, a Jesuit high school.  More on that and the rest of the town in a later post.
collage of (from top), outside and inside of Gebr. Pape Printing card; Bookstore sticker, and (to right) tape for both.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Sammie Siddon. My father was in the Army and was stationed in Buren, Germany(Stockerbush Kaserne) from 1975-1979. I was in high school and had to go to school in Frankfurt and I graduated in 1979. I am constantly searching for pictures of Buren and the high school and dormitory in Frankfurt. I cherish my time in both cities and consider it one of the best times my life. I am writing to you to see if you have any pictures of the military family housing in Buren and Stockerbush Kaserne. If you do not have any pictures of the housing area, maybe, you know of some other resources that might be helpful to me. Both of my sister's met their future husband's there and one of them was married in the church in Buren.

    Thank You,

    Sammie Siddon

    1. Hi Sammie! Let me contact some of my extended family that lived in Buren and see if they have anything. Thanks for commenting!