Thursday, October 23, 2014

Those Places Thursday: Mom's 1953 Europe Road Trip - Back on the Boat

From Mom's Europe trip diary, in the "PLACES VISITED" section: 
October 23, Friday – Road between Rouen and Le Havre, France
After breakfast, drove to Le Havre.  Got there around 11 a.m. We had to wait around until 8 [p.m.] before we could get on board ship.  Had a light supper aboard the ship and then went to bed.  We pulled out of Le Havre around 11:30 [p.m.].  Mileage on car when we got to Le Havre was 22,828.**

** Mom had noted that the mileage on her car when she arrived in New York back on August 4 was 13,900, so this means she drove approximately 8,928 miles on her road trip in Europe.  I know from my own recent experience driving 1,729 miles through New England in 10 days that doing so much driving (and Mom did it all) can be exhausting!  Perhaps that is why Mom didn't write anything in her trip journal on the way home - she might have been tired!

Mom and her companions traveled home once again on the SS United States.  I'll post once more on the date they arrived back in New York City.

Here are the remaining passport stamps that I have not already used in posts in this series.  The one above is in Le Havre on October 23, 1953.  The page at left has stamps from August 12 and August 29 through September 3, 1953.  The page pictured below has stamps from August 13, 15, and 20, and September 19, 1953.

This is the 77th in a series of posts transcribing entries in my mother's 1953 Europe Trip journal.

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