Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Elizabeth Banavich Guokas and baby, between 1901 & 1917

Like last week's photo, this one was also found among the things of my maternal grandfather, Charles Peter Guokas Jr. (1903-1967) after he passed away. I am guessing that he is probably the baby in this photograph, but it could be any one of his five siblings, who were born between 1901 and 1917. The woman is his mother, Elizabeth Banavich/Bonewitz/Bovits (I've seen it spelled all three ways) Guokas (1875-1929).

Elizabeth came to the United States in 1900 from Russia (Lithuania), according to the 1910 census.  She married Charles Peter Guokas Sr. (1863-1939) on January 19, 1900, in Harris County, Texas.  In the Texas Marriages Index available on Family Search, her last name is shown as Bovits, and it appears as Bouits in a listing of marriage licenses in the Houston Daily Post on January 21, 1900.  Interestingly, Charles' brother Joseph P. Guokas (1869-1933) married Paulina/Pauline/Policina Cuniowskuna (in Texas Marriages Index)/ Cinnowskima (in the newspaper), (1878-1953), the same day. Makes me wonder if Paulina and Elizabeth traveled together, as the 1920 census also indicates that Paulina arrived in 1900 from Lithuania.

I love my great-grandmother's lacy blouse and fancy hat!  I definitely see the family resemblance - my grandfather, mother, and I all have the same facial structure.

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  1. You have some fancy hats in your family! I definitely see a resemblance between this lady and you.