Friday, October 15, 2010

Funeral Card Friday: Justice Guokas, 1902

 Been doing a lot of work of late with my Guokas (maternal grandfather) side, since it's a rather unique name.  My grandfather had an older brother named Justice who died as an infant.  At left is his funeral card. Below is an obituary from a local newspaper.  Notice the differences?  I'm inclined to think the funeral card is correct.  I can't imagine my great-grandparents paying for a funeral card with a mistake on it (let alone two mistakes), especially since Justice was my great-grandfather's first son after four daughters.

The "old Catholic cemetery" mentioned in the obituary would be St. Vincent's Cemetery, 2405 Navigation Street at St. Charles, in Houston, Texas.  The Church of the Annunciation is in downtown Houston, and is the same one where my parents were married and my maternal aunt took her vows as a nun.

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{Note:  The funeral card is not entirely correct, either.  Church records show Justice was born July 18, 1902, thus he was only a month old at death, not four months.}
from The Houston Daily Post, August 17, 1902, page 12

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