Monday, May 25, 2015

Military Monday Memorial Day: Remembering Col. Gordon M. Parks, 1916-2004

 Images above and below (cropped from above) from the Arlington National Cemetery website

Colonel Gordon Merritt Parks was my father's first cousin's husband.  More information about his Army military career stretching from 1934 to 1963, and subsequent career with the Secret Service, can be found in the post linked to his name in the previous sentence.

Patricia "Pat" Marie Pape Hunter Parks (1923-1967) was my dad's first cousin, the daughter of his aunt Rhea Maria Pape (1892-1977).  She was killed when her auto was struck on the highway just outside the family home in Maryland in 1967.  Kevin Richard Parks was the only son of Gordon and Pat (they had five daughters) who died when he was a day old in April 1958.  Gordon later married Elizabeth Vaughan Tunnell Ruth (1914-2011).

Closeups above and below of the reverse side of the tombstone, showing the US Army 113th Cavalry insignia (above left), the US Army Signal Corps insignia (above the name in both photos) and the Secret Service insignia (below right).  
Cropped from the image available at the Arlington National Cemetery website.

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