Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past: "Dick in the Monkey Suit," Korea, 1953

From my dad Fred Pape's military scrapbook:

My dad said the "monkey suit" was an experimental flight suit.

Richard Robert "Dick" Parks was a fellow navigator-bombardier in the 37th Bomb Squadron in Korea who had trained with Dad at Ellington Air Force base.  I did not have much luck finding information about him in earlier research, but was more successful with a search on the 37th Bombardment Squadron page on the Korean War Project website, where Dick Parks posted the following in May 2002:


DICK PARKS wrote on May 29, 2002

City and State: TACOMA WA

Service or Relationship: AIR FORCE VETERAN - KOREA

Comments: I was a navigator crewed up with pilot Ben Pace at K9 and K1 on B-26s in 37th Bomb Sqn, 17th Bomb Wing from Oct 52 to April 53. After finishing tour I returned to CONUS [continental United States] and was instructor at Langley in B-26s. Later flew B-47s and B-52s for many years and was Field Maintenance Sqn Commander and Ops Plans officer at various bases.  I retired at Fairchild in 1978 as LC [lieutenant colonel] after more than 27 years service. Then worked for Boeing in Seattle for 13 years retiring again in 1992.

Keywords: B-26 Navigator

I'm pretty sure this is the Richard Robert Parks born July 25, 1930 in Ohio.  His home of record as of April 1952 was Columbus, Ohio.

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