Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sibling Saturday: Found Photos, Dairymen's Country Club, Wisconsin, July 1951

I found these two photos when sorting through items belonging to my father, Frederick Henry Pape (1929-2017) after his death late last year.  All he wrote on the back of the Kodacolor* prints, processed the week of July 20, 1951, was "DCC July 1951."  DCC stands for Dairymen's Country Club in Wisconsin, where my father and his family of origin spent many vacations from the mid 1930s at least into the early 1950s.  Dad had 15 days of leave from the Air Force from July 12-27, 1951, and went home to Evanston, Illinois, during that period - and it looks like he joined his family at Dairymen's during that time.  I know who the people are in the following two photos:

Above:  Paul Robert "Bob" Pape (1926-2008), Rose Mary "Moe" Pape Dietz (1931-2007), Frederick "Fred" Henry Pape, and Marilyn Electa "Beete" Pape Hedger.  This was before any of these four married.  Their sister Elizabeth "Betty" Mary Pape Streff (1927-2017) had married in 1948 and had three children by this point.

Below:  Bob and Fred with their mother, Elizabeth Florence Massmann Pape (1902-2000).

*Because it is Kodacolor and it has been nearly 70 years since these photos were taken, the colors have faded to mostly shades of pink and dark green.

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