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Wedding Wednesday: Stanley Guokas and Anna Narusevicate, about 1925-1928

The bride in the middle of this photograph is Anna Barbara Narusevicate (as spelled on a duplicate Social Security application; likely her father's name was Narusevičius in Lithuania, 1903-2002).  To the right of her (looking at the photo; from her viewpoint, he would be seated to her left) is her groom, Stanley (Stanislovas) Joseph Guokas (1897-1969), the oldest son of Peter (Petras) Paul Guokas (1874-1948) and his first wife, Konstancija Aleksandravičiūtė (ABT 1876-1906).  Peter Paul is the youngest full brother of my great-grandfather Charles (Kazimieras) Guokas (1863-1969), so his son Stanley is my first cousin twice-removed.

Jennie Merritt, my third cousin once-removed, identified the woman in the dark dress with the wreath in her hair as her great-grandmother, Katherine (Karolina) Helen Guokas Sadouskas (1905-1966), Stanley's younger sister, and the man to the right of Katherine as her great-grandfather, Anthony John Sadouskas (1900-1959).  Note that in Lithuania, Sadouskas would be spelled Sadauskas.

We don't know who the rest of the people in the photograph are.  Most likely they are members of the bride's family.  I have narrowed the date of this photograph to sometime between October 1925, when Anna returned from a trip to Europe under her maiden name (spelled differently, but the birth date and place match), and 1928, when Stanley and Anna both appear in the Alexandria, Virginia, city directory.

This photograph is from the private album of Rasa Petrauskaitė from Čelkiai, Lithuania, a descendant of Peter Paul (Petras) Guokas and his second wife, Aleksandra Michelina Javaišaitė Guokienė (born in 1869), who stayed in Lithuania with her daughter Ona (born in 1908) when Peter Paul immigrated.  Thank you, Rasa, for sharing the photograph through our cousin Osvaldas Guokas!

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