Thursday, July 6, 2017

Those Places Thursday: Palujanskas House, Čelkiai, Lithuania, ABT 1947 and 2017

This house is in Čelkiai, Smilgiai parish, Panevezys, Lithuania, the birthplace of my great-grandfather Charles (Kazimieras) Guokas, 1863-1939, and many of my Guokas relatives.  My third cousin Osvaldas Guokas tells me that it was "not moved ever to any other place during land reforms. It looks and it is more than 100 years old."

At one time it belonged to Petras Palujankas and his wife, Virginija Radauskaitė Palujanskienė, who married on February 19, 1922.  Petras is the younger brother of Joseph Anthony Polianski (1890-1952), who emigrated to the United States and married Virginija's older sister, Anastazija (Anastasia) Radauskas (1892-1978).  Virginija and Anastazija are the daughters of Ignatijus Radauskas (1858-1913) and Agota Guokaitė Radauskienė (1861-1942), the latter being my great-grandfather's sister.

Above:  Palujanskas house in Čelkiai in Soviet times, 1945-1950.  Photo from Osvaldas Guokas.

Below:  Palujanskas house in Čelkiai, Lithuania, in June 2017.  Photo by Osvaldas Guokas.

Osvaldas said that the Palijanskas family left this house when the Communists came to Čelkiai. After they left,  it was the property of the community, then an Aleksandravičius owned it followed by a Radaukas.  Today this house is empty, but is the property of Osvaldas' uncle Stanislovas Guokas and his wife Aldona Kanišauskaitė Guokienė.

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