Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday: Lithuanian Palijanskas Relative, Smilgiai Cemetery

My Lithuanian third cousin Osvaldas Guokas went to the parish cemetery in Smilgiai on June 2 and took lots of pictures.  This one is for someone not directly related to me, but instead is the father-in-law of a distant relative.  That relative and her husband apparently paid for this grave marker:

photos above and below by Osvaldas Guokas, 2 June 2017

Describing the very top of the marker, Osvaldas said,

"On Lithuanian tombstones you can see
AA or A (cross) A
It means: Amžiną atilsį - Rest eternal."

The words "cia ilsisi" mean "here rests."

Osvaldas provided the translation for the rest of the marker.  He said the "text is in Lithuanian but in an interesting old style grammar."

Father Juozapas Palijanskas died 1902 May 22, was 55 years old;
Memory from son and daughter-in-law from America
Juozapas and Anastazija Palijanskas

Anastzija is Anastasia Radauskas Polianski (1892-1978), who immigrated to America about 1912-1914, and married Joseph Anthony Polianski (1890-1952) in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 1, 1914.  More about them in a future post.

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