Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday: Lithuanian Radauskas Relatives, Rozalimas Cemetery

Some time ago, my Lithuanian third cousin Osvaldas Guokas sent me some photographs of tombstones with our family names on them from the cemetery in Rozalimas, Lithuania.  Here is one where I know how the people buried here are related to me:

Steponas Radauskas is my first cousin twice removed.  He is the son of my second great aunt Agota Guokaitė Radauskienė (Guokas Radauskas) (born in 1861, the older sister of my great-grandfather Charles Peter Guokas Sr.) and Ignatijus Radauskas (ABT 1853-1913).

Steponas was born February 14, 1899, in Gikoniai village in Lithuania, the tenth of the twelve children of Agota and Ignatijus.  Two of his older siblings, Leonas (Leo) Radauskas (1889-1973) and Anastazija Radauskas Polianski (1892-1978), and his younger sister Agota Radauskas Phillips Zaker (1902-1980), came to the United States.

On January 29, 1929, Steponas married Bronislava (Brone) Skačkauskaitė (1905-1961) in Šeduva, in the Radviliskis district municipality in Lithuania.  This is just 17.4 kilometers from Gikoniai.  You can also see from the map below that Rozalimas and Smilgiai are nearby.

The last name on the tombstone is Steponas' and Brone's son (sūnus in Lithuanian), Antanas, who was born about 1934 and died about 1935.

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