Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: 40 Years Ago This Week

One of my cousins got married forty years ago this past Sunday in the Chicago area.  My family traveled from Houston to attend the wedding, and we spent the week following with relatives on my dad's side there.  I took a number of pictures on that trip, but some of them were only printed on a contact sheet, and it was only recently that I scanned the film negatives to generate larger digital images.

Above:  my first cousins Judy, Bobbie, and Donna Pape (acting silly), 10 August 1976

Below:  my first cousin Regina Dietz playing volleyball, 9 August 1976

Above:  my first cousins Rob and Rich Dietz, playing lawn darts, 9 August 1976

Below:  my aunt (and godmother) Lorrie Olker Pape, grandmother Elizabeth Massmann Pape, and uncle (and godfather) Bob Pape, at Bob & Lorrie's home in Des Plaines, Illinois, 10 August 1976.  That might be one of my brothers (Brian or Mark) playing croquet in the background.

Above:  my first cousin Donna Pape and the family dog Roxie, 12 August 1976

Below:  my first cousins Judy, Bobbie, and Donna Pape (acting normal), 10 August 1976

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