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Wedding Wednesday: TAMU RPTS Stories - RP Club Friends, 1980-81

I've been sharing a number of stories recently here in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences (RPTS) Department at Texas A&M University.  This isn't an "RPTS story" per se, because it's not about events or activities that occurred in that department. 

Rather, the next few postings of "RPTS stories" will be about what happened afterwards - the lifelong friendships made and the fun get-togethers former members of the Recreation and Parks (RP) Club and I had over the following years.

Three weddings among five of my RP Club friends occurred between September 1980 and June 1981. Other RP Club friends (and myself) were bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and members of the house parties.  Here are some pictures:

Below:    Josetta Hawthorne '80 and house party member Amanda Pape '78 at the wedding reception for Peggy Cook and Steve Holland at Peggy's family home near Smithville, September 27, 1980..

Above:  Maid of honor Denise Abendschein '76, groom Steve Holland (MS '79, PhD '85, in background) and bride Peggy Cook '80 just after Steve and Peggy's wedding at Beuscher State Park near Smithville, Texas, September 27, 1980.

Below:  I didn't take too many pictures at the wedding of Cody Jetton '79 and Karen Bellinghausen '79 in San Antonio on November 8, 1980.  In this one, groomsman Dale Zuck '79 and usher Kent Keller '78 have finished decorating Cody's car.  Wilfred Korth '79 was also a groomsman.

Above:  House party member Marve Mayton '80 caught bride Barbara Dennis' bouquet.  Groom Wilfred Korth '79 threw the garter and his best man, Darel Ball '79, caught it.  Marve and Darel were already engaged.  At Wilfred Korth's wedding in San Antonio, Texas, on June 13, 1981.

Below:  House party members (and groom's cake cutters) Mari Angers '84 and Amanda Pape '78 have fun with John Longoria '82 (RP Club social committee co-chair in 1981-82) at the wedding of Wilfred Korth '79 in San Antonio, Texas, on June 13, 1981.

Above:  Bridesmaid Cindy Hunter '82 (RP Club social committee co-chair in 1981-82) and groomsman Glen Korth '81 at the wedding of Glen Korth's brother Wilfred Korth '79 in San Antonio, Texas, June 13, 1981.

Below:  Suzanne Smith '80, groomsman Dale Zuck '79, Cody Jetton '79, and Karen Bellinghausen '79 at the wedding of Wilfred Korth '79 in San Antonio, Texas, June 13, 1981.

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