Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: TAMU RPTS Stories - RP Club Friends, 1984

I've been sharing a number of stories recently here in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences (RPTS) Department at Texas A&M University.  This isn't an "RPTS story" per se, because it's not about events or activities that occurred in that department. 

Rather, the next few postings of "RPTS stories" will be about what happened afterwards - the lifelong friendships made and the fun meet-ups former members of the Recreation and Parks (RP) Club and I had over the following years, in places all over the state and country.  

The year 1984 was my last in Texas for a while.  I'd moved up within the City of Corpus Christi to the Budget Office.  I'd gotten married the year before and my husband and I moved to his home state of Washington, leaving in mid-October.  Before then, though, I had a few get-togethers with my friends:

Below:  Peggy Cook '80 and Amanda Pape '78 - Peggy was visiting Amanda in Corpus Christi from her then-home in Florida.  Summer 1984.

Cody Jetton '79 (above) and Wilfred Korth '79 (below) at a get-together at Wilfred's home between Victoria and Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir, where Wilfred was a park ranger.  Summer 1984.

Elida and Dale Zuck '79 (above) and Karen Bellinghausen '79 (below) at a get-together at the home of Wilfred Korth between Victoria, Texas, and Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir, where Dale was a park ranger.  Summer 1984.

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