Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: TAMU RPTS Stories - The Function at Junction, November 1976

Here's another page from the scrapbook I kept in 1976-1977 as the Reporter-Historian of the Texas A&M University Recreation and Parks Club.  This one covers what was the first in a series of what we called "The Function at Junction," a gathering of students from the various universities in the state that had programs in recreation and parks and chapters in STRAPS, the Student Texas Recreation and Park Society, the student branch of TRAPS, the state organization for recreation and park professionals.

The first "Function at Junction" was hosted by the Texas Tech Recreation and Parks Club, as Texas Tech owned the property in Junction, Texas (although Texas A&M University originally owned it).   About 30 students from five universities attended the weekend event, held November 12-14, 1976.  I was one of four students attending from Texas A&M.  It was a great weekend of work (to better organize STRAPS) and fun.

Above:  A&M R&P Club vice-president Deb Cleland '78, top right, leads a "people" game - this one could be called "Pass the Laugh," as you rest your head on the stomach of another person in the chain, and "feel" laughter.  Student Texas Recreation and Park Society vice-president Patsy Siegismund (a SWTSU student) is second from left; Texas Tech R&P Club president (and the host for the event) Ed Janousek is fifth from the left.

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