Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Faces From the Past: TAMU RPTS Stories - First Fall 1976 Meeting and Chili Supper

Here are some more pages from the scrapbook I kept in 1976-77 as the Reporter-Historian of the Recreation and Parks Club at Texas A&M University.  These four pages cover the first meeting of the Fall 1976 semester, on September 7, and the first social event two days later, a chili supper.

Above, from the left:  Judy (leaning over) and Jeff Fulk '77 with their baby, Terry Kerr '78, David Anderson '80, Hugh Bradford '81, Karen Fallwell '77, Social Chairman Bob Lisauckis '77 and his wife Rhonda, and President John Kibler '77.

Below, from the left:  Jim Eley '77, Intramurals Committee chair Russ Tillman '78, and Trips Committee chair Ken Bible '77 (crouching).

I can't identify everyone in the photo below, but that's department Head Dr. Les Reid in the hat, Karen Fallwell '77 seated to his left, and my future roommate Denise Landry '79 across the table in the foreground.

Below from left:  John Melton '77, Art Pena '78, Clyde Howard '83, unknown, Hugh Bradford '81, and George Gillespie '80.

In the jalapeno eating contest, Les Chrietzberg '80 (above) ate nine in one minute, but Dr. John Hanna (PhD '74, below) ate eleven.  Trish Jared '78 is in the background of the picture.

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