Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday's Faces From the Past: TAMU RPTS Stories - Spring BBQ, May 1976

On April 13, 1976, elections were held for Texas A&M University's Recreation and Parks Club officers for the 1976-77 school year.  Yours truly was elected Reporter-Historian (I'm pretty sure Mark Gray nominated me).  According to the Club's By-Laws (Section 2f):

It shall be the duty of the Reporter-Historian to handle publicity for all Club meetings and activities, and to produce a report of the Club's accomplishments and activities.

Well, I'd already been doing the first duty through the "Park It Here" newsletter.  I decided to fulfill the second duty by creating a scrapbook, the first pages of which appear below.  Since Section 3a of the By-Laws specified that the new officers assumed their duties at the close of the election meeting, our first task was to plan the annual Spring semester end-of-year event, which was held on May 2.

Betsy Paez '76 in white shirt in background, Walt Hood '76 in dark tank top

Steve Schroeder and incoming Social Secretary Bob Lisauckis '77 cook the chicken.

Ronnie Brown '76 dives into the pond

Incoming President John Kibler '77 presents outgoing President Joe Bihon '77 with a gift.

Trips Committee chair Ken Bible '77 pitches to Intramurals Committee chair Russ Tillman '78.

1975-76 "Best Prof" winners Jim Stribling (Recreation & Resource Development MS '69, PhD '76) and Dennis Howard.

"Best 305 Prof" B. Dan Kamp (Recreation & Resource Development PhD '73) - who else?

"Long-Standing Student" winner Hap Weaver '76 gets a kiss from incoming Vice-President Deb Cleland '78.

Department chair Dr. Les Reid presents the Spring 1976 Silver Chaparral Award for outstanding senior to Kay Evans

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