Monday, May 19, 2014

Military Memories Monday: Fred Pape's 50th Mission, Korea, ABT 1953

Navigator-bombardier First Lieutenant Fred Pape and pilot Captain Milton Royles on Fred's 50th mission in Korea, probably in early 1953.  Dad said he didn't do all 50 missions with Milt; sometimes he was out with other crews.  He said his first three rides as a navigator were "dollar rides."  The first time, he just observed another navigator.  The second time, he did the navigating, but under direct supervision of a trained navigator.  The third time, he once again did the navigating, and a trained navigator was on board, but not directly supervising him.  After that, Dad was on his own.

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  1. What a great picture! Please tell your Dad "thank you" for his service. We owe all military personnel (and their families :) ) so much.

    1. Thank you, Tracy! I'll tell him this weekend. :)