Thursday, April 4, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: My Connection with a Governor (part 3)

 Today is my birthday, and a good time to finish the story of how I am connected with Texas Governor Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson (1875-1961).  As discussed in Part 1 of this story, my maternal grandfather, Charles Guokas Jr. (1903-1967), served as her appointments secretary from June 1933 to January 1935, when her second term ended.  In Part 2, I explained that when my mother, Geraldine Guokas Pape, attended the University of Texas at Austin (1945-1949), she roomed with Ma Ferguson in her home at 1500 Windsor Road.

What I haven't explained yet is that the Governor's middle name is Amanda, and that's where my parents got the idea for my name.  Shortly after I was born, they received this card:

The card is signed on the inside, "Love, Mrs. Ferguson (over)."

And here is what is written on the back of the card:

Transcription:  "Your Daddy [referring to my maternal grandfather] called and told me about the baby.  Charlie seemed so excited about the baby.  I hope you [referring to my mother] and Amanda Leigh are getting along fine.  When you get well and find time please write me and tell me all about the baby. M.A.F."

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day today and tomorrow visiting your folks.