Sunday, February 24, 2013

Black Sheep Sunday: Odom Family, ABT 1919

When my my mother's first cousin Edith Carole contacted me a few weeks ago about a photo of what turned out to be her grandparents/my great-grandparents, Louis Henry Wolfe and Addilee Tennessee Shelton Wolfe Odom Harris, she said she'd send me another photograph that is supposed to be of Addilee and her second husband, Hughes Calhoun Odom, with his family.  The story goes that during World War I, Addilee volunteered to roll bandages for the Red Cross, met a military man, and had abandoned her family to run off with him.  Her first marriage, to my great-grandfather, Louis Wolfe, occurred in 1905 when she was 15 and he was 33, and she had her first of four children at age 16.

The photo below was likely taken between July 1917 and April 1919, when Hughes was in the military, as he is wearing a uniform in the picture below.  I'm guessing 1919, since the youngest child in the picture (the little girl at the left), was born about 1916, and she looks to be about three in this picture.
Back row, from left:  Samuel Mosely Barnes (1891-1966), Maggie May Odom Barnes (1894-1965), Hughes Calhoun Odom (1894-1962), Addilee Tennessee Shelton Wolfe Odom Harris (1890-1977), Jesse Calhoun Odom (1866-1945), Leonora "Nora" Carroll Odom (1871-1928), Albert Carroll Odom (1900-1970), and William Thomas Odom (1897-1966).
Front row:  May L. Barnes (born  ABT 1916), William Lafayette Barnes (1913-2000), John S. Odom (born  ABT 1906), and Luther Edward Odom (1910-1967)

Edith Carole got this photo from her first cousin once removed, Lemora Thompson Stroud, in Louisiana.  She said it was in Addilee's things (when she passed away in Louisiana in 1977) and that Addilee had told her this was Hughes Odom's family.  Addilee is the woman in the light-colored dress in the center and the man in uniform next to her is supposed to be Hughes Odom.  Based on records found in, Edith Carole made guesses as to who the other people are, and I agree with her. 

The 1920 Census shows Addilee and Hughes living in Fort Worth.  The marriage (if there ever was one) didn't last too much longer, as Addilee married Charles Harris on January 7, 1922.  She is listed as Addie Odom on that marriage license.  Charlie Harris (1887-1959) was the love of her life, and she insisted on moving back to Louisiana (from Texas, where she'd been living near her children) shortly before her death in 1977, so she could be buried next to him.

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  1. This post is on my list of most interesting blog posts of 2013:

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    1. Thank you, Joan! Happy New Year to you, too! I have more black sheep to write about in 2014!

  2. Albert Carroll Odom was my grandfather. How exciting to see a picture of the family. My mother was named after Lenora. I remember her talking about Hughes, Maggie and the others. Wow.

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