Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sentimental Sunday / Mystery Monday: Louis Henry Wolfe over the Years

Recently I was contacted by my mother's first cousin Edith Carole about a post I did about a year ago where I thought a photograph of a well-dressed couple that included my maternal great-grandmother,
Addilee Tennessee Shelton Wolfe Harris (1890-1977), also included her second husband, Hughes Calhoun Odom.

She told me she thought the man in the picture was actually my great-grandfather, her grandfather, Louis Henry Wolfe (1872-1929), and she sent me another picture that included Louis (posted last week) that was taken only six years after my great-grandparents' wedding (which was July 9, 1905).

I decided to take all* the pictures I had of Louis Henry Wolfe and line them up next to each other, in chronological order.  I don't have a good guess for the date of the picture on the far right, but based on facial features (the face being a little heavier) and similarity of clothing, I think it is 1921 to 1929.  Take a look, and tell me if you think this is the same man:
Unfortunately, the 1905 photo is torn right through the face.  I think Edith Carole is right, though, that this is the same man.  The hairline, shape of his face, and mustache (in the first three pictures) seem to match.

I decided to put the picture (taken before 1945) of Hughes Calhoun Odom (1894-1962) up against the photos of Louis from 1905 and 1911 to compare.  While there are some similarities, the hairline in particular appears to be different.
Hughes Calhoun Odom (before 1945) at left, Louis Henry Wolfe in 1911 at right - who is in the middle photo?
The picture at left is the only other one I have of my great-grandfather, this one from probably around 1922 (possibly as early as 1920) to 1926.  This is as big and clear as I can get it, but you can definitely see the mustache.

Edith Carole is going to send me another photograph that is supposed to be of Addilee  and Hughes with Hughes' family - it will be interesting to compare further.

ETA:  One more picture to add, at right.  Could this also be Louis Henry Wolfe?  I thought it might be Louis' father, Joseph William Wolfe, 1845-1918, because his clothing looks like a military uniform, and Joseph served in the Civil War.   However, Louis was in the military too - he was in the Army, a private in Company C of the 6th Infantry, May 4 to October 28, 1898 and then again from January 11, 1901 to January 11, 1904.

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  1. I think you are correct...the hair line is not the same. I have said it should have been a detective! (Although we are glad you are a librarian :))

    1. Thanks Tracy. It's really Edith Carole that figured this one out.