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Those Places Thursday: 2093 West Lunt Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 1940s

Last week I wrote more about the house my dad, Frederick Henry Pape, grew up in at 2093 West Lunt Avenue in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, Illinois.  I scanned a number of Dad's photos that were taken outside of that house, and here are a few of them, from the 1940s:
Fred & Bob, August 1943
Bob, Fred, and Lucky the dog, Fall 1944
In the photos above, my Uncle Bob Pape is in the Navy during World War II.  By the time the war ended (photo below left), my dad is taller than Uncle Bob.
Fred, Bob, & Lucky, Fall 1946
I think the photos from last week (1938) and this week, as well as my grandfather Paul Robert Pape's (1896-1970) World War II U.S. draft registration card from 1942, prove that his family (wife Elizabeth Florence Massmann Pape, 1902-2000, and children Paul Robert "Bob" Pape Jr., (1926-2008), Elizabeth Mary "Betty" Pape (later Streff), Frederick Henry Pape, Rose Mary Pape (later Dietz, 1931-2007), and Marilyn Electa Pape (later Hedger) were all living at 2093 West Lunt Avenue in Chicago for the 1940 US Census.

To find their enumeration districts (EDs) for the 1940 US Census, I used one of Stephen P. Morse's search engines, Obtaining EDs for the 1900 to 1940 Census in One Step (Large Cities), as Chicago is one of the cities available with this utility.  West Lunt Avenue is common to 18 EDs!  Once again, I needed cross streets.  So in this case, I used the Google Maps link first to see what these are (easy because the house is still standing). As the house is on the corner of Hamilton, I entered that, and the resulting ED was 103-3212.

In my first post about this house, I mentioned some of my Dad's other relatives who were living in the area.  Dad's grandfather John Pape (1851-1945) lived at 1949 Lunt in 1930; while his other grandparents, Frederick Henry (1875-1948) and Elizabeth Camilla Dienes (1876-1946) Massmann, lived at 7000 Ridge Boulevard (at the intersection with Lunt) for at least 1927 through the mid-1930s. Dad's cousin John Charles "Jack" Bleidt (1929-1973) and his parents, Charles J. (1870-1959) and Martha Pape Bleidt (1890-1981), and sister Mary Jane Bleidt (later Herring, 1925-1965) lived across the street at 2084 Lunt in at least 1936.  However, so far I haven't been able to find any indication that all of these were still living at these addresses for the 1940 US Census.

However, I will use these addresses for starting points in my searches in the 1940 US Census.  Being across the street at 2084 Lunt, Charles J. and Martha Pape Bleidt and their children Charles John "Jack" Bleidt and Mary Jane Bleidt (and possibly Charles' daughter from a previous marriage, Margaret Helen "Peggy" Bleidt,, later Faut, 1912-1990) would also be in ED 103-3212. 

If Frederick Henry Massmann and Elizabeth Camilla Dienes Massmann were still at 7000 N Ridge Road for the 1940 US Census, with cross streets of W. Lunt and W. Greenleaf and N. Seeley as the back street, they would also be in ED 103-3212.

John Pape, at 1949 Lunt, is between the cross streets of N Damen Avenue North and N Wolcott Avenue, with Morse Avenue West as the back street.  That would put him in ED 103-3214.   

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