Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Fred Pape and his cousin Jack Bleidt, July 1939

Although the only information on the back of the photo is the date "July 1939," the boy on the right is Jack Bleidt, and I believe the one on the left is his first cousin, my dad, Fred Pape. They were born within days of each other in February 1929, so they would both be age 10 in this photograph. I believe it was taken at the same time and place (Dawes Park in Evanston, Illinois) as this photo of my great-grandfather and their grandfather, John Pape. Even today, Dawes Park still has this lagoon, originally constructed in 1933 as a Works Progress Adminstration project, and recently reconstructed. Dad says you could ice skate on it in the winter.

This photo was provided by my second cousin Bill from a collection belonging to his dad, Jack, and grandmother, my great aunt Martha Pape Bleidt.
© Amanda Pape - 2010

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