Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Cousin Rho's Wedding, June 26, 1971

Today is the 40th anniversary for my cousin Rosemary Streff and her husband Steve Grandusky. Their wedding in Rochester in 1971 was the first one among my cousins, and my family drove up from Texas to attend. I shared these pictures on Facebook earlier today so I thought - why not a blog post too?
Rho & Steve
Parents of the bride, Aunt Betty & Uncle Bud Streff

Nana (Elizabeth Massmann Pape)
Uncle Bob Pape
Dad (Frederick Pape) with daughter
Mary Pape and nephew Dan Streff

Aunt Moe (Rosemary Pape Dietz)
& Uncle Das (Ronald Dietz)
Aunt Beety
(Marilyn Pape Hedger)

Papes:  Moe, Beety, Bob, Nana, Fred, Betty
Aunt Beety and cousin Beth Streff

Nana and cousin Mare (Marianne) Streff
Steve & Rho leave the reception

Happy anniversary, Rho and Steve!

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  1. I love their style of clothing. Very nice!

  2. Great memories! The long dresses are great!