Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation 1959

Since it's the season...

Fifty-two years ago today, on June 3, 1959, Mark graduated from George Washington High School in Agana, Guam.

Mark's family (his parents and two younger sisters) lived in Guam from mid-1954 to mid-1960, when his father worked as a printer for the Department of Defense there.

After some courses at a junior college in Guam, Mark went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Government from Texas Tech University in 1964.  He remembers his family being on vacation in Corpus Christi in the summer of 1960, when his father received a call from the Department of Defense to go to Bremerton, Washington, rather than back to Guam.  His parents bought a car and dropped Mark off in Lubbock on their way to their new home.

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