Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Paul Pape-Elizabeth Massmann Wedding

This lovely photo is from the wedding of my paternal grandparents, Paul Robert Pape (1896-1970) and Elizabeth Florence Massmann (1902-2000), on September 3, 1924, at St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church in the Rogers Park area of Chicago. The bride and groom are in the center of the photograph.  The photo was taken by Joseph David (J. D.) Toloff (1888-1957) of Evanston, Illinois.

The other two men in the wedding party are my great-uncles Alfred John Massmann (1901-1964) on the left (Elizabeth's older brother), and Lee John Pape (1893-1979) on the right (Paul's older brother).

I have no idea who the other women in the photograph are. Elizabeth did not have any sisters. They may have been some of Paul's sisters, her cousins (there were lots on the Dienes side), or just friends. I'd really love to know who the little flower girl was!

ETA:  I now think the bridesmaid to the left is Rhea Maria Pape (1892-1977), Paul's sister, and the flower girl is her daughter, Patricia "Pat" Pape Hunter Parks (1923-1967).

ETA2:  I now (April 2018) think the other bridesmaid is my grandmother's friend Marian Udelhofen (1904-1939).

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