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Friday's Faces From the Past: Family of Agota Guokaitė and Ignacijus Radauskas, early 1913

My third cousin Osvaldas Guokas sent me another wonderful picture from Lithuania:

This is the family of my second great aunt, Agota Guokaitė (Guokas) Radauskienė (Radauskas, 1861-1942), the older sister of my great-grandfather Charles (Kazimieras) Guokas Sr. (1863-1939).  She and her family lived in Gikoniai village in Šiauliai County in Lithuania.  Gikoniai is a little south and west of the village of Čelkiai, where Agota and Kazimieras and many of their siblings were born.

Agota and her husband Ignacijus Radauskas (1858-1913) had at least twelve children (that we have found so far),  and at least seven of those lived to adulthood.  Three of those children moved to the United States.

In the photograph above, standing, from left, are Ignas Radauskas (Ignatijus Jr., born 1894), an unknown person who may be son Justinas Radauskas (born 1888), Anastazija (Anastasia) Radauskaitė Palijanskas (Polianski) (1892-1978), Kazimieras Radauskas (born 1886), Virginija Radauskaitė Palujanskas (born ABT 1897), and Steponas Radauskas (1899-1944).

Sitting from left, are an unknown person (who may be Agota's brother Antanas Guokas, Osvaldas' great-grandfather, who may be Agota's twin), Agota Guokienė Radauskienė, Agota Radauskaitė Filipavicius Zakarauskas (Agota Radauskas Phillips Zaker, 1902-1980), and Ignacijus Radauskas (Sr.)

Ignacijus Sr. died on June 5, 1913, so we know the picture was taken before then.  Son Leonas (Leo) Radauskas (1889-1973) is not in the photograph, because he was in Houston, Texas, in the 1910 Census, and in Houston city directories through 1913.

Anastazija went to the United States sometime between the time this photograph was taken and June 1, 1914, when she married Juozapas (Joseph Anthony) Palijanskas (Polianski), whose brother Petras married Virginija in this photo.  Later, around 1922, the youngest daughter, Agota, also went to the United States.  I have not been able to find her in any census or other document, but we are unsure about her married last name.

This photograph came from the private album of Aldona Radauskaitė Zigmantavičienė, the daughter of Steponas Radauskas. As Osvaldas says, "She saved it in perfect condition to our days."  Thank you Aldona!

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