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Sentimental Sunday: TAMU RPTS Stories - RMI, March 28-31, 1977 (part 4 of 4)

Here are more pages from the scrapbook I kept in 1976-1977 as the Reporter-Historian of the Texas A&M University Recreation and Parks Club, being posted here in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences Department.

These pages are the last in a set of four from the 9th Recreation Management Institute, fondly known as RMI.  The Recreation and Parks Club was heavily involved in this annual event, handling transportation and entertainment at the banquet, introducing and recording the speakers, providing food for the opening icebreaker and a barbecue luncheon, hosting a somewhat spur-of-the-moment beer bust, and staffing the "Nerve Center," which handled registration, message-taking, and errand-running, and coordinating all the other committees. Part one of the story is herepart two is here, and part three is here.

The final event of the Institute was a banquet, held on the night of Thursday, March 31, 1977, at the MSC (Memorial Student Center). This was followed by another impromptu event, dancing at the Lakeview Club on Tabor Road.  The first two pictures below are from the banquet, followed by some post-RMI memorabilia.

Above:  Debbie Bishop '79, Lynn Timken '79, and Jim Pack '78 help themselves to food at the banquet.

Below:  At an RMI banquet table, clockwise from left: Lynn Timken '79, Sherry Camp '77 (mostly hidden), Cody Jetton '79, Debbie Bishop '79 (across the table), John Debo (RMI participant from the National Park Service), Trish Jared '78 (hidden), Chris Andrews '80 (transportation committee head), KC Abrahamson, and KC's date.

Above is the page from the scrapbook with the RMI banquet photos, plus the envelope containing a letter from RMI participant John Debo, Community Planner with Acadia National Park in Maine.

At left is the April 8, 1977 letter from John Debo, and an enlargement of the text praising the Recreation and Parks Club is below.

Above:  Thank-yous to the various students involved in putting on a successful RMI.

Below:  Another promotional piece for RMI.

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