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Friday's Faces From the Past: TAMU RPTS Stories - RMI, March 28-31, 1977 (part 3 of 4)

Here are more pages from the scrapbook I kept in 1976-1977 as the Reporter-Historian of the Texas A&M University Recreation and Parks Club, being posted here in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences Department.

These pages are the third in a set of four from the 9th Recreation Management Institute, fondly known as RMI.  The Recreation and Parks Club was heavily involved in this annual event, handling transportation and entertainment at the banquet, introducing and recording the speakers, providing food for the opening icebreaker and a barbecue luncheon, hosting a somewhat spur-of-the-moment beer bust, and staffing the "Nerve Center," which handled registration, message-taking, and errand-running, and coordinating all the other committees.  Part one of the story is here, and part two is here.

The following is a sequence of images (pictured in the contact sheet print below) from the Class of 1978's Trish Jared's demonstration at the RMI Beer Bust on Wednesday, March 30, 1977, of legal and illegal tackling in rugby.  This was (possibly a) part of the talent show, planned entertainment for that evening.  John Blackburn (Ph.D. '81) and Dan Sturmon (Ph.D. '80), doctoral students who served is RMI student committee coordinators, were Trish's less-than-willing volunteers.

Above:  An unsuspecting John Blackburn (at left) gathers with others, including Inger Garrison at far right, for the demonstration.

Right:  Dan Sturmon is coerced into "volunteering."

Below:  Peggy Cook '80, Sherry Camp '77, and Cody Jetton '79 "persuade" John Blackburn into being a "dummy" too.

Above:  John prays for help as Trish prepares to tackle him.

Right:  She does so.....

Below:  ....and helps him up.

Above:  Trish takes Dan down next.

Below:  Dan seems to know what's coming!

Above:  According to Trish, hair-pulling is an illegal "tackle you can get away with."

Below:  At her invitation. John tackles Trish - she couldn't avoid it.

Above:  Department Head Dr. Les Reid demonstrates HIS tackle on Trish!

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