Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday's Faces From the Past: TAMU RPTS Stories - RMI, March 28-31, 1977 (part 1 of 4)

Here are more pages from the scrapbook I kept in 1976-1977 as the Reporter-Historian of the Texas A&M University Recreation and Parks Club, being posted here in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences Department.  

These pages are the first in a set of four from the 9th Recreation Management Institute, fondly known as RMI.  The Recreation and Parks Club was heavily involved in this annual event, handling transportation and entertainment at the banquet, introducing and recording the speakers, providing food for the opening icebreaker and a barbecue luncheon, hosting a somewhat spur-of-the-moment beer bust, and staffing the "Nerve Center," which handled registration, message-taking, and errand-running, and coordinating all the other committees.  These first two pages cover the icebreaker, barbeque, and sessions.

Above:  scene from the icebreaker reception on Sunday, March 27, 1977, in the MSC 

Below:  RMI participant Neva Tandy, Realty Specialist with the Bureau of Reclamation in Amarillo, Texas, speaks with another RMI participant (sorry, I did not note the name!) at the icebreaker.

Above:  Former Texas State Senator Charles Herring, Manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority and one of the RMI instructors, speaks with John Blackburn (Ph.D. '81), one of the RMI directors, and Dr. Clare Gunn, another RMI instructors.

Left:  Carolyn Ellis '79 is one of many students who introduced RMI speakers.

The next post (on Sunday, March 7) will be about the impromptu RMI Beer Bust held on the evening of Wednesday, March 30, 1977.

Below:  text for my introduction of Dr. William Kornblum, one of the RMI instructors.

Above:  R&P Club members Paula Stewart '78 and food committee co-chair Denise Landry '79 clown around while recording committee chair John Melton '77 helps himself to something to drink at the outdoor barbecue lunch provided by the R&P Club for RMI participants, instructors, and volunteers on Wednesday, March 30, 1977.

Below:  Instructor Marion Clarke (Ph.D. '70) of the Florida Cooperative Extension Service serves himself some meat while KC Abrahamson and food committee co-chair Sherry Camp '77 prepare to serve him some sides.  Meanwhile, John Melton '77 (at right) eats.  

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  1. You were destined to be a librarian! What great records you kept!

    1. Maybe this is my inner archivist surfacing!

  2. Anything showing Charlie Burchell? He would be a grad student, graduating with PhD in 1974.

    1. Lynn, if he graduated in 1974, I probably did not meet him - I did not start in the program until Fall 1975. I don't see him on the list of RMI participants or instructors.