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Tombstone Tuesday: Katharina Lang Keller, 1832-1901, Fredericksburg, Texas

A couple weekends ago, I was once again in Fredericksburg, Texas, visiting my parents. Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 by German settlers. We again stayed at a bed and breakfast that is about half a mile from St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (the second one, founded in 1875; the first one, established in 1860 and called the Old Catholic or St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery, is another half mile north).  Again, I fulfilled some photo requests for this cemetery on FindAGrave.com, and I also took a few more photos of interesting graves and tombstones.
This one is for Katharina Lang Keller.  She was born February 24, 1832, in Nassau, Germany.  In 1852, she emigrated to Texas with her mother, Elisabeth Keller Lang (1803-1885), and her brother, Joseph Lang (1836-1918).

Apparently, Katharina's father had died before they left or arrived, as Elisabeth is listed as the primary immigrant.*

In January 1854, in Gillespie County, Texas, Katharina married Johann Adam "Adam" Keller (1827-1905). Also born in Nassau, Germany, he was a farmer who had emigrated to Texas in 1845.**  He arrived in Galveston on November 20, 1845, on the Barque Straba.

Katharina and Adam had eight children, all born in Gillespie County. Joseph Theodor Keller was born December 22, 1854, and died December 9, 1860. Maria Franciska Keller was born July 3, 1857 and died November 28, 1860.  Both children appear on the 1860 Census.  Their deaths were so close together, I have to wonder if they had the same illness.  Brother Otto Keller was spared; he was born August 9, 1859, but died young, at age 36, in 1895.

The other five children all lived to be age 82 or older. Mary Elizabeth Keller Stehling was born June 17, 1861, in the Honey Creek Community and died March 15, 1958.  Charles Joseph "Carl" Keller was born March 2, 1863, and died April 5, 1953, in nearby Harper.  Joseph John Keller was born April 22, 1865, in Fredericksburg, and died November 4, 1947, in Bandera, Texas.  Adam Gregor "Gregor" Keller was born November 4, 1867, and died November 15, 1958.  Arnold Keller was born April 26, 1872, and died July 21, 1961.

Kstharina Lang Keller lived to see 15 of her 16 grandchildren born.  She died March 17, 1901, and her family erected the imposing tombstone pictured above.

The inscription (pictured at left) reads:

Katharina Keller
Geb. [Born]
Feb. 24, 1832
Gest. [Died]
Mar. 17, 1901

At the base of the monument (below left) is an inscription that appears to read, "There is rest in Jesus."

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* Struck, Wolf Heino. Die Auswanderung aus dem Herzogtum Nassau (1806-1866): Ein Kapitel der modernen politischen und sozialen Entwicklung, [Emigration from the Duchy of Nassau (1806-1866): a chapter in modern political and social development.  (Geschichtliche Landeskunde, Veroeffentlichungen des Instituts fuer Geschichtliche Landeskunde an der Universitaet Mainz, vol. 4.) Wiesbaden [Germany]: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1966.

[Source Annotation :  From notices of emigration published in the Nassauisches Intelligenzblatt for the years 1849 to 1868. Pages 134-203, an appendix, contain the names of about 4,000 emigrants from that region of Germany which was the Duchy of Nassau. Destinations include North and South America (Brazil, Venezuela, and Texas being indicated specifically). Names individuals or heads of emigrant groups with accompanying wives, children or other family members and places of origin.]

** Geue, Chester W., and Ethel Hander Geue, compilers. A New Land Beckoned: German Immigration to Texas 1844-1847. 1966. New and enlarged edition, Waco [Texas]: Texian Press, 1972. 178p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1982. Page 108.

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