Monday, February 18, 2013

Military Monday: Dolores Pape's US Cadet Nurse Corps Membership Cards

Dolores Mary Pape, senior picture, from
1947 Loyola University-Chicago yearbook
 Like my Aunt Betty, her third cousin, Dolores Mary Pape (1926-1995), was a member of the United State Cadet Nurse Corps.  This was a program created during World War II to address an anticipated shortage of nurses.  Candidates would receive "subsidization of nursing school tuition, associated expenses, and a shorter training period. In exchange, applicants pledged to actively serve in essential civilian or other federal government services for the duration of the war." (Wikipedia).

Here are Dolores' senior photo and her two Corps membership cards.  Also like my Aunt Betty, Dolores participated in the program through St. Francis Hospital's School of Nursing in Evanston, Illinois.  The nursing program was affiliated with Loyola University in Chicago.

Dolores was the oldest daughter of August Peter Pape (1893-1947) and his first wife, Rose Anna Alles (1893-1929)

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  1. That's so awesome. I love seeing documents from women in family history. Why? Because it makes the roles women play more valuable. Thanks for posting.

  2. You are so right, Devon! Thank you for commenting! I'm following your lovely genealogy blog now.