Monday, May 21, 2012

Military Monday: Aunt Betty's US Cadet Nurse Corps Membership Card

I found this on yesterday, and asked my Aunt Betty about it.  She said:

During World War II, they had a program to educate more nurses. In return for an all paid education, including a monthly stipend, we would serve in the US Military after graduation.  Fortunately for me, the War ended, but they continued to pay for our education without our having to honor the commitment to join the service. My Dad said mine was the only education he didn't have to pay for.

St. Francis Hospital's School of Nursing was established in 1919 with a first class of eight students. It closed in 1998, having graduated more than 3100 nurses.  The hospital, located at 355 Ridge Avenue in Evanston, was established in 1900 and still operates today.  It's the hospital where I was born (and I'm pretty sure, with it being a Catholic hospital, that a lot of my Pape kin were born and died there, too).

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