Sunday, July 1, 2012

Help Break a Record!

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Tomorrow, July 2 (or later today, depending on your time zone), FamilySearch Indexing is hoping to break a record with 5 million names or records indexed or arbitrated, in any of their projects. The current record is 4.9 million names, set on April 30, so I think this is possible. Given that the two states I most need from the 1940 US Census (Texas and Illinois) are still not completely indexed and searchable, I've decided to participate in this project.  You can too!

This 24-hour project actually starts at starts at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time (UTC/GMT) on July 2, so that means 7 PM here in Texas (Central Daylight Time) today, July 1..  That would be 5 PM for my friends and readers in Pacific Daylight Time, and 8 PM for those of you in Eastern Daylight Time.  Check the Facebook page for your local start time and more information about the project.

I'm going to try downloading 10 batches (the maximum) and working on them throughout the day today (when I need a break from housework), and then submit them sometime later this evening, since I won't be able to work on this project much tomorrow. 

If you haven't already, you can sign up here to be an indexer with FamilySearch.  You can also get the latest news and tips on indexing by following the FamilySearch Indexing topics on the FamilySearch blog.

Edited to add, 3 July 2012:   We did it!  We DOUBLED the goal!  Over 10 million records indexed or arbitrated in a 24 hour period yesterday, by over 46,000 people around the world.

I did ten 1940 US Census batches from Illinois, and have since worked on another five batches from Texas.  The indexing of Texas is now up to 64% complete, and Illinois is at 52%, according to today's map.

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