Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Martha Elisabeth Pape & Charles Joseph Bleidt

My great aunt, Martha Elisabeth Pape (1890-1981), the older sister of my grandfather Paul Robert Pape (1896-1970), married widower Charles (Carl) Joseph Julius Bleidt (1870-1959) at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Evanston, Illinois, on May 11, 1921.  According to the marriage certificate (further down this post), Paul was an official witness to the marriage, as was his and Martha's sister Rhea Maria Pape (1892-1977).  Therefore, I think my father is correct that Rhea is the bridesmaid to the far left in the picture below.  Martha and Rhea's other sister, Clara M. Pape (1889-1975) may be the bridesmaid to the right of Martha.  I'm not sure who the bridesmaid on the far right is.  It may be one of Charles' Bleidt's nieces, either Gertrude (born 1895) or Mildred Bleidt (born 1897), as they would have been about the right age.  Charles had two older sisters, but they would have been in their mid-50s at the time of the wedding.

These two photos are embossed with "J D Toloff, Evanston, Ill."  Joseph David Toloff (1888-1957) was a Russian immigrant who owned a photography studio located (at that time) at 1623 Orrington Avenue in Evanston, according to an ad on page 71 of the 1922-1923 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Evanston City and North Shore Directory:

Here is the beautiful marriage certificate for Charles and Martha:

Thanks to my cousin Bill for sharing these images of his grandparents' wedding and their marriage certificate.

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  1. Wow, the dresses are just lovely. And the marriage certificate is pretty cool, too! I live on Long Island now, but I was born at Evanston Hospital.

  2. Thanks Anna, for commenting! I was also born in Evanston, at St. Francis Hospital, but have lived most of my life in Texas. :)

  3. How wonderful to find such wedding information. My ancestors primarily eloped or went to the Justice of the Peace. Old wedding photographs become that much more meaningful. So happy that you have such wonderful information, even if you're not certain who the bridesmaid are for certain. Thanks for certain.

  4. Terrie ZitzelsbergerJune 27, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    I too was born in Evanston, also at St. Francis Hospital, but have lived in Michigan most of my life. Great addition to your blog Amanda. That is quite a flower boquet!

  5. Thanks, Devon, and (cousin!) Terrie for commenting!