Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Memory from Dad

Dad and me, not too long after I was born in April 1957.
You can see the radiator he's referring to in the background.
I received another lovely birthday e-mail from my dad last night:

I remembered a couple more things when you were a baby. The first winter after you were born we were still living in the apartment at Touhy Ave. & Ridge Road [in Chicago]. The apartment heaters worked on steam heat and were so hot they could burn the skin if one touched them. We did not want you to touch them so we let you touch other things that were warm but not really too hot. We would say "hot" loudly but not screaming unless you got too close to the radiators. Hot then became your first word.

We didn't go out too often when you were a baby but when we did we got a nice older lady named Mrs. Sepser as your baby sitter. She and you got along very well. She would tell us you were  very smart and would learn quickly.

Another memory of mine was the long trip I made alone from Chicago to Houston when we moved in Feb. 1958. You and your mother took the train so your playpen would go as baggage and be available as soon as you arrived in Houston. I was sure happy when I finally arrived at Nani & Popo's house. When I came into the family room you stood up in your playpen

and extended your arms for me to pick you up. Thus began our long family life in Houston.

Have a real nice day tomorrow.

Love, Dad

(photo at right is of me in early 1958)

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  1. Brilliant. My dad sends me these little notes now and again too. I absolutely love them and treasure his words. Those days that we cannot remember as we were too small become so precious as we get older....

  2. Love the stories and photos. A happy belated birthday to you!

  3. GREAT email! Daddies are so special. Cool round playpen! Wonderful pictures.

    1. Thanks Tracy! I think there are photos somewhere of all four of my siblings in that playpen!

  4. This email from your father is a real treasure. To have his memories of your early life is special - makes me want to ask my dad to do the same for me! Nice post.

    1. Thanks Queen Bee! Dad has written a nice note like this the past two years; they are treasures!