Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: 1940 US Census Community Project blog

Check out this cool infographic about the 1940 Census! It came out a week ago, on April 4, two days after that census was released to the public:
1940 census
Where did I find this? On the 1940 US Census Community Project blog, at!  It's full of interesting information about that census, such as famous people found in it, life in the 1940s, and infographics like this one!

Readers - you - are encouraged to comment on the posts, and to enter the indexing contests.  Links are available at the top of the blog's home page to subscribe to its RSS feed, or follow on Twitter or Facebook.  Use the blog to keep up with the latest information on this so-important volunteer census indexing project!

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