Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surname Saturday: WOLFE

Wolfe was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. I can trace back seven generations in this line, to Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Frederick County, Virginia:

1. Sara Melzina Wolfe (1908-1997)
2. Louis Henry Wolfe (1872-1929)
3. Joseph William Wolfe (1845-1918)
4. William C. Wolfe (1820-1855)
5. Isaac C. Wolfe (1792-1870)
6. George Wolfe (1774-1804)
7. Jacob Wolfe (1734-1815)

The photo above is of Louis Henry Wolfe (top row, left) and Joseph William Wolfe (top row, right) and Louis' four children, Lloyd (1906-1993, top row, center), Sara (bottom row, left), Neva Marie (1912-1995, bottom row, center), and Edith Elizabeth (1910-2006). It was taken sometime after 1912 but before Joseph's death on October 30, 1918. I'm guessing around 1916, as Marie was born in November and she looks about three or four years old here.

I believe the photograph was taken in the front yard of the home of James Shannon Wolfe (1870-1949), Louis' older brother, who lived at 1405 Allston Street in Houston, Texas, on the 1910 and 1920 census. In fact, Louis and the children were living with Shannon and his family in 1920. Furthermore, the photo below was taken at the same time, and shows Joseph, Louis, and Shannon:

What I don't know is who the young boy in the background is in the first photograph - the one standing behind the fence. Shannon had a son, Shannon Jr., but he was born in 1902 and would be older than Lloyd, yet this boy looks younger. Maybe just a neighbor passing by who decided to be in the picture.

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