Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surname Saturday: SPIKES and PICKERING (or PICKENS)

Spikes and Pickering or Pickens were the maiden names of my great-great-grandmother and great-great-great grandmother, respectively, on my mother's side. I can't go very far back in either line.

As is typical for many women, I know little about Leah Lucy Pickering or Pickens (1835-1903) prior to 1860. In that year, she appears on the census in Winn Parish married to G. W. (George Washington) Barton, with two sons. A third son was born before G. W. passed away in 1864. Leah then married Levi Spikes.

I can trace back four generations of Spikes, from Winn and Grant Parishes, Louisiana; Jackson and Tattnall Counties, Georgia; and Perry County, Mississippi:
  1. Sarianne Spikes (1871 - 1935) - married Levi Marion Shelton on December 30, 1884
  2. Levi Lewis Spikes (1805 - 1881) - married Lucy Leah Pickering or Pickens in 1865
  3. Elias Spikes (1765 - 1823) - married Morning Collins, born June 18, 1766
  4. Josiah Spikes, born in Mississippi, died in 1800 in Darien, Georgia

The image above is of an applique square done by Leah Pickering Spikes and in the home of her granddaughter (my great-grandmother's sister), Pearl Shelton Chelette (1909-2003).

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  1. i know this quilted piece, pearl shelton who owned this piece is my mother's aunt. my grandmother was euna shelton.

  2. Anonymous, Euna's sister Addilee Tennessee is my great-grandmother! Please get in touch with me at chick_a_deedd at yahoo dot com.