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Church Record Sunday: Sister Jean Marie's Sacramental Records

Recently I stumbled across some unindexed records at for Catholic churches my mother and her ancestors were parishoners of in Houston, Texas. Using some indexes built into the documents, as well as some paging to appropriate dates, I found records for a number of relatives. 

Here are the sacramental records for my maternal aunt, Jo Ann (Sister Jean Marie) Guokas:

Above:  When checking the handwritten index in the records at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Houston, Texas, for Baptisms, 1924-1939 (where I would have expected my aunt's baptism to be), I found the note above:  "Guokas, Jo Ann, record will be found among baptisms conferred during May 1941." 

Below:  Baptism record, on December 9, 1928, the last record below.  It's difficult to read, but it notes that she was baptized on the date of her birth, September 12, 1930, at St. Joseph's Hospital by Rev. Thomas J. O'Sullivan.  In the far right column, it further notes "Private baptism administered in St. Joseph's Hospital.  Ceremonies supplied in St. Joseph's Church, May 16, 1941."  Her godmother was her aunt Pauline Guokas (Felicijona Černaitė) Guokas (1878-1953), wife of her paternal grandfather’s brother Joseph (Juozopas) P. Guokas (1869-1933).

Above:  First Communion at St. Joseph Catholic Church, May 8, 1938.  Jo Ann's record is at the bottom.  

Below:  Confirmation at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Houston, Texas, May 18, 1941.  Jo Ann's record is at the bottom, and her confirmation name is Eleanor.  A Mrs. S. D. Tinney was apparently the sponsor for all the girls.

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