Monday, October 9, 2017

Matrilineal Monday: Guokas Family Tree Chart

A couple of my Lithuanian third cousins, Audrys Guokas and Osvaldas Guokas, have been hard at work on a Guokas family tree that spans three countries (Lithuania, USA, Argentina) and goes back (from me) six generations (to our common ancestor, my fifth great-grandfather Stanislovas Guokas, married in 1775), and forward a couple generations as well!  Here's a member of one of those forward generations, pictured with the chart:

Jieva Guokaitė, my third cousin once removed, looks at the Guokas family tree chart that is almost as long as she is!  Photo courtesy my third cousin, Audrys Guokas.

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  1. The family tree is impressive--and it's wonderful to see a younger generation interested as well!

    1. Thanks Marian! I'll be printing a large copy of this chart for myself soon!