Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sentimental Sunday: 1043 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, 1918 and 2017

I superimposed a photograph of my great-grandparents, John Pape (1851-1945) and Gertrude Kramer (or Cramer) Pape (1859-1919) along with three of their four sons, probably from December 1918, standing in front of their home at 1043 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, onto a present-day photograph of that home, which John built in 1893:

From left to right, the sons, standing in front in uniform, are my grandfather Paul Robert Pape (1896-1970), his younger brother Walter Francis Pape (1900-1975) and his older brother Leo John "Lee" Pape (1893-1979). Walter is recorded as having enlisted in the Army on October 5, 1918, and released November 14 of that year.  Lee served in the Navy from July 19, 1917 to February 15, 1919.  I could not find a record, but it appears that Paul served in the Navy as well.

And here is the "present-day" photo in full, from August 10, 2017, almost 99 years after the black-and-white photo was taken, probably in December 1918.

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