Monday, August 28, 2017

Mappy Monday: 1043 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, August 2017

Here are some photos of the house my great-grandfather John Pape (1851-1945) built in 1893 at 1043 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, as of August 10, 2017.

 Here is the front of the house as viewed from Sherman Avenue. To your left (while looking at the house) is the corner house, 1045 Sherman (more about it in a future post).

Below is the back north side of the house as viewed from Greenleaf Avenue.  Again, 1045 Sherman appears in the foreground - it is being renovated.  You can see in the photo below that later owners apparently added a back deck pergola. 

The view below is from the entrance to the alley behind the houses, off Greenleaf Avenue:

And this shot was taken from the alley, looking over the top of the backyard gate:

The garage originally built in 1920 has been rebuilt or remodeled a number of times over the years, including a conversion from frame to stucco at some point and then apparently back to frame (there were a number of building permits for the garage in the house file for 1043 Sherman at the Evanston History Center, I just did not have time to study or copy them all). Through at least 1975, the doors faced Sherman Avenue, but sometime after that the garage was reconfigured so that the doors faced the alley, as pictured below.  The garage was also expanded from one-car to two-car before 1975.

Here is a close-up of the second floor as viewed from the front of the house on Sherman Avenue:

You can see in the photo below the old driveway that once led to the garage when it opened towards Sherman.  I also thought the bay-like area on the south side of the house was an interesting feature:

And here are a couple views of the front of the house.  The stairway has been reconfigured to be parallel to the front porch, rather than perpendicular to it.

And here is a close-up of the front porch area.  These photos will show up again in future posts.

And here is a map locating 1043 Sherman (from the City of Evanston's Property Browser):

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