Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sentimental Sunday: More Corpus Christi Reminiscing

Here are a few other places in Corpus Christi that bring back old memories.

Snoopy's Pier opened in August 1980 as a small bait stand and burger joint with a 600-foot fishing pier on the Intracoastal Waterway.  You can see the name on the roof from the JFK Causeway.

It pretty much was just a burger stand (and bar) when we went there in the early 1980s.  Mark remembers that the big stove pictured below was a great place to warm up after fishing on a cold day.  I don't remember any fishing, but I do remember this stove.

Another place I drove by nearly every day for over four years was the Yardarm Restaurant.  This Ocean Drive establishment in what looks like a waterfront house has been there since 1975, but I had never been there.  That was remedied on our trip in June 2016.  The seafood, prepared with French sauces and cooking techniques and Mediterranean seasonings, was delicious.  The view, from the glassed-in back porch overlooking Corpus Christi Bay, was mesmerizing.

The Yardarm is family-owned and operated.  Diane and Constantine Tsaousis took their old family home and made it The Yardarm.  They typically close down a little before Christmas and take a vacation back in Greece, then reopen in early February.

Finally, a sight that always makes me happy - watching the shrimp boats return to the downtown Marina very early in the morning.  Back when I lived in Corpus Christi, 1979-1984, there were a number of boats in the shrimper fleet, and you could go down to the Marina and buy fresh shrimp from them at good prices.

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