Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday's Faces From the Past: Photographs and Memory - A Wedding I Don't Remember!

Yesterday (May 12) was the 37th wedding anniversary for my college friends Lynn Purnell and Don Hagan.  Lynn posted a wedding picture of herself and Don on Facebook and tagged me, saying I was at the wedding.

Trouble is - I don't remember being there!  She said I was in a picture of her throwing her bouquet, and she posted it later.  Sure enough - I was there!

The wedding was in Bellaire (a suburb of Houston) and it was Mother's Day weekend.  I had started my first post-graduation professional full-time job as an administrative assistant to the director of the Parks and Recreation department of the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, at the beginning of April.  However, apparently I traveled nearly every weekend the first month and a half, to Houston (I know I was there April 7-8 too, for my birthday), Ingram (April 20-22), and College Station (April 28-29).

Unlike the other events, I just didn't have any other pictures from Lynn's and Don's wedding in my photo album, which is probably why I was having trouble remembering it.  I guess I forgot my camera that weekend.  Or perhaps it has something to do with my being barefoot - not sure why THAT was the case.

I do remember the dress I am wearing in this picture.  It was a wrap dress with elastic gathers all around the neckline (and on the short sleeves as well).  My mother made it and another dress (out of a blue fabric) from the same pattern.  I LOVED those dresses and wore them many times over the next five years - and I DO remember one special time I wore the blue one - even without a photo!

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