Thursday, October 8, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: Rice Man

I call this figurine "Rice Man" for lack of a better name.  Dad (Frederick Henry Pape) got this in Japan during the time he served in Korea in 1952-53.  He originally gave it to his mother (Elizabeth Florence Massmann Pape, 1902-2000), but she gave it back to him when she moved into an assisted living facility in Florida in the 1990s.

Dad said the Navy base in Japan "had a real good system - petty officer rank for the guy who runs the PX (the ship's store in the Navy)."  Dad said all he had to do was pick out the pattern of Noritake china that his younger sister Marilyn wanted for her upcoming wedding in June 1953 to James Edward "Jim" Hedger (1933-2010).  They shipped it directly to her, and it arrived the day Dad did in Chicago.

Dad's other sister, Rose Mary "Moe" (1931-2007), was getting married in a dual ceremony with Marilyn to Ronald Joseph Dietz (1931-1994).  She wanted a set of two very ornate sterling silver candelabra, which Dad also obtained for her in Japan.

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