Monday, April 6, 2015

Military Monday Memories: K-1 (Pusan West) Korea, 1952

Here are some more photos from my dad Frederick Pape's military scrapbook, from a page he labeled as "Korea K-1"

K-1 was also known as Pusan West.  According to a history of the 17th Bomb Group/Wing,

During the October to December [1952] time frame, the 17th moved from K-9 [Pusan East] to K-1 (Pusan West) to allow for the resurfacing of the K-9 runway from PSP to asphalt. The Wing returned to K-9 on 20 December having flown uninterrupted through both moves. Weather was the primary cause of lost missions.

On the back of the photo below, Dad wrote, "Looking east down 37th Tent Alley toward latrine at end."  This was probably taken just outside Dad's red-doored tent, the "Sans Nookee Teepee."  The "37th" Dad referred to was his unit, the 37th Bomb Squadron.

On the back of this next photo, Dad wrote, "Operations tent for the 37th at K-1."

On the back of this next photo, Dad wrote, "Looking north down main road (?).  Wing HQ to right of sign, out of view.  Note old concrete revetment on left formerly used by Japs for housing Zeros [during World War II].

Here's a closeup of that revetment (on the left), and the sign for the headquarters of the 17th Bomb G[rou]p (L) - for Light - on the right.  You can also see one of the buses the men would take from Tent Alley to headquarters for briefings.

More photos of the headquarters area in a future post.

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